The Best Camera Manfrotto Monopod Feet of the year 2021

The Best Camera Manfrotto Monopod Feet of the year 2021

I really wanted to love this Manfrotto Monopod Feet, I spent weeks researching, looking at multiple brands, weighing. One of the main reasons I went with this Manfrotto Monopod Feet was due to changeable height and didn’t want to spend most of my time bent over too far and something that was small and compact.

Anyway, after unpacking, the feel of the tripod is solid, heavier then I thought it would be but still manageable. The legs feel strong and take a little effort to fold down but that’s good. this Year will be the year of Manfrotto Monopod Feet. The Price is reasonable and easy to use for regular photography

I choose this for the Traveler Small element because of the removable monopod Feet on this model and the more robust construction (although the small one is also very well built. Manfrotto Monopod Feet changing in different angels with different direction to click on this image.

Manfrotto Monopod Feet Description

The Best Camera Manfrotto Monopod Feet of the year 2020
Best Camera Manfrotto Monopod Feet

The Coman 5-Section Aluminum Manfrotto Monopod Feet with Fluid Video Head is a professional fluid video monopod made to please cameramen who take advantage of their monopod height to overcome crowds and achieve a wide range of shooting angles.

The Coman KX3232 Manfrotto Monopod Feet has improved fluidity and superior leg performance, ensuring incredibly smooth images, ultra-sharp photos and creative shooting perspectives.

COMAN professional camera tripod Lightweight, highly durable, fast and easy to set up KX3232 + Q5 Fluid Head Monopod + 3-legged unipod mount to give you a versatile fixed or video camera mount system.

Smooth and fluid movements combined with an advanced balance system: 360 ° horizontally and + 90 ° / -75 ° vertically, the best option for recording with a video camera, camcorder or DSLR.

Manfrotto Monopod Feet Characteristics

【Compact but durable】

Premium materials with aluminum, lighter, more maximum load weight. A 26 “folded length, weighing just 3.9 lbs. And maximum load of 13.2 lbs., This Manfrotto Monopod Feet video kit is ideal for travel and fast-moving situations like sporting events, travel, and outdoor shooting

【Mini rotating metal tripod】

Manfrotto Monopod Feet base allows 360 ° swivel, 45 ° tilt in all directions, and 90 ° notch allows easy changeover from landscape to portrait modes; Locked vertically through its patented vertical lock, the removable base can be used as a small tabletop tripod

【Head Multi-function panoramic pan tilt head】

Features preset counterweight, pan / tilt lock with 3/8 “easy link connector for accessories, offers 360 ° pan and + 90 ° / -70 ° tilt; Base Integrated flat with 3/8 “-16 threads make the head versatile for most tripods, sliders, jibs or cranes

【Easy setup of Manfrotto Monopod Feet】

This Manfrotto Monopod Feet camera Suitable for all SLR, DSLR, video and camcorder up to 13.2 lbs. The aluminum 5-section monopod leg extends 73 inches and is fully equipped with an ergonomic lock.

it provides quick leg extension; using the supplied type Y key, the tension of each hinged lock on the Manfrotto Monopod Feet leg can be adjusted in accordance with the relevant requirements


8 year warranty | Adjustable height: 26 “to 73” | Tilt range: -75 ° to + 90 ° | Turning range: 360 ° | Maximum load: 13.2 LB | Carry bag | Fluid head | Monopod leg | 3-leg tripod base and monopod travel bag included

The video head is high quality.
The tripod supports anything I put on it.
The feet are easy to operate and the latches hold well when closed. 
Twist style Manfrotto Monopod Feet tend to be more frustrating to me
Easy to Use with different Angles
Versatile setups/functions
Lightweight but not breakable.
Comes with a few tools and extras
Nice carrying case with adjustable strap
The biggest con is that when some of the lower columns are locked the others also lock because they lock so tight that it clams another tier of the tripod

Monopod Feet Features


Some monopods have feet as a characteristic. This adds stability without needing the same space as a tripod. I have never had a monopod with feet. There are mixed reviews. Some of the foot monopod reviews complain that they are quite flimsy and move too much.

Manfrotto Monopod Feet models that only have one foot have a very questionable value. With higher priced models the feet are heavier and definitely had some stability on a single leg Manfrotto Monopod Feet. Essentially what you have is a small tripod with small legs and a large adjustable center leg.

Quick release mount.

This photo on the right has a rotating head and quick release bracket. If you need to save a few seconds or need a quick camera change or real quick setup, the quick release feature saves you the time of having to screw the mounting screw into the bottom of your camera.

Carbon fiber.

Monopods are pretty light anyway, but if you want a further weight reduction, carbon fiber is the way to go. Carbon fiber monopods and tripods are strong, lightweight, and also have a vibration damping feature that makes them very valuable.


This Manfrotto Monopod Feet is very Nice and smooth for video, not too heavy, and easy to work with. Definitely recommended for event or wedding videography when constantly on the move. Can even stand on its own when base legs are out with small camera (but I would keep your foot on one of the three legs just in case!)

Carbon Fiber Camera IFootage 71 Monopod

I purchased this Manfrotto Monopod Feet for two reasons. First: I needed a monopod. Second: I needed a monopod for a road trip to Yellowstone, Zion, and Grand Canyon.

The only issue I found with the mono pod was that it is difficult to pan with the camera unless you move your camera to loosen the knob at the bottom. It may be easier to do if you get the fluid head that goes along with the model pad.

Carbon Fiber Camera Monopod Telescopic Video Monopods Professional Base DSLR Cameras Camcorders Tripod Compatibility
Carbon Fiber Camera Monopod

IFOOTAGE improves the design of camera equipment. Our clients include natural filmmakers, natural and national filmmakers, filmmakers, wedding and event designers, studio photographers, multi-media video providers and film enthusiasts. .

Lightweight, extremely durable, fast and easy to set up – IFOOTAGE offers a three-foot swap with the fast-release IFOOTAGE system on our new 3-in-1 Manfrotto Monopod Feet. One moment is a fact that is programmed directly by its removable rubber foot,

The next it stands tall on its three feed that allows for a 360 ° controlled motion with its control / key at the base. they are. Traditional tripods now have a great cleanser

Carbon Fiber Camera Monopod Description

📹 Winner of the Red Dot Design Award: IFOOTAGE Corba 2 Series Monopod; Winner of the Red Dot Design Award 2017 (product design award); Designed for ease of use and durability. This Manfrotto Monopod Feet is perfect for traveling and shooting outdoors.

📹 Removable design: 4-section design provides flexibility in use. Our award-winning quick-release plate and removable tripod stand provide 3 options: 1) a fixed video switch with adjustable legs, 2) a portable monopod, 3) a camera compartment with a low angle for various purposes.

📹 Telescopic design: The award-winning buckle design makes it easy to expand from 5.3 to 71 inches. Suitable for all SLR, digital SLR cameras, camcorders and camcorders weighing up to 22 pounds. High-quality materials with carbon fiber, lighter, with maximum load.

📹 Swivel tripod: the Manfrotto Monopod Feet base provides 360 ° rotation, 90 ° tilt in all directions and makes it easy to switch from landscape to portrait mode.

Pros and Cons


The main advantage of the monopod is its portability due to lighter weight and lower profile. Even the lightest travel tripod takes up a relatively large area in a suitcase or backpack. Monopods can often be strapped to the outside of a carry-on bag or even dual-purposed as a walking stick.
A swivel-head is not required on a Manfrotto Monopod Feet. An adjustable head will make it much more versatile, but also add to the overall bulk.
Monopods are accepted in many places where tripods are prohibited. Many of the restrictions on tripod use are based on the space the take up and the tripping danger they present in crowds. It’s best practice to check with the staff before bringing your monopod.
 Easy to extend and retract


It’s not smooth gets stuck in the middle and i have to push really hard to open or close.


So buy 71 inch carbon monopod from amazon. The specs of the carbon say it’ll support up to 22 lbs, 5 more lbs than the aluminum. Carbon is understood to dampen vibrations better than aluminum. that’s the chief reason I chose the carbon. Mandfrotto Monopods, weight tolerance overkill may be a good thing with expensive gear

Use Monopod to different angles. Here’s my first impression, a test for durability. The camera, video head & lens is 3 lbs or a touch more. so put camera, head, lens on the monopod and extended the monopod to the complete 71 inches. The monopod swayed a small bit after fully extending the pole, but stopped swaying with a mild hand.

Hands free, the monopod stays upright. it isn’t super sturdy sort of a tripod. that might be an excessive amount of to ask. However, hands free may be a most wonderful thing for a monopod. It seems noticeably sturdier the less the pole is extended.

4 Series Flip-Lock Video Manfrrootto Monopod Kit Benro Aluminum W/ 3-Foot Articulating Base & S4 Video Head

Benro has been upgraded to the Manfrotto Monopod feet version of the monopod supported with the A48FDS6. It is strange to get used to the beginning and I didn’t fully understand the problem I had until I joined Benro’s technical support, but more than that, soon.

The monopod itself is a game on the heavy side, but for the money, it’s okay. If it was made of carbon fiber, it would cost a lot. It has solid snap keys for each section and is a quick fix. The quality seems OK, but if I don’t use this feature on a daily basis.

I would assume the parts of the locks will be loose (they do it on every tripod / monopod I have ever had) , but Benro gave Allen the keys to the event. I also love that the top part is covered with soft foam, making it easy to hold.

Benro Aluminum 3 Series Flip-Lock Monopod w/ 3-Foot Articulating Base (A38FD)

Produuct Descriptions

Take advantage of the monopod with tripod stability using the Benro A38FD 4-section aluminum manfroto monopod feet with a 3-foot locking foot. Capable of holding up to 39.7 pounds and extending to 61 “, the A38FD is a versatile camera mount thanks to its base.

which provides three strong points of contact with the ground. The base acts as a mini tripod, and its ball joint allows smooth pan and tilt of the camera. When using the swivel head on a manfroto monopod feet, the ball joint can be locked.

so that you can rotate independently or replace the base with the attached rubber foot. Four sections of the legs are secured with folding locks and fold up to 21.3 “for transportation. Get an extended warranty and other great benefits when purchasing this product and joining the Benro manfroto monopod feet Super User user group

S6 Headset With Monopods

The S6 headset is wonderfully made for an inexpensive headset. It has some nice adjustments (not the same as the big end head) and it makes for a modern shot-and-shoot. The fast-moving cruise ship is very close to the head.

so turning it around when you have a wide-angle camera, impatience and exercise. But the screw has a joint design, so it’s easy to pull it away from the head body. Three leg presses can be locked in place or released with a red knife, so you can either convert the monopod to its base or lock it.

Somehow Closing it is a good thing, because it is so durable and it will stand on its own (Today I Talk About Don’t Everything To Do It Because It Is Available. But, when you unlock your Manfrotti Monopod feet so that the monopod does not slip and accidentally try to shake your head while locked.

the center will start at Unscrew from the base of the Manfrotto monopod feet. So, I called Benro’s support and they told me that the only thing I could do was use Lock-tight with 3-foot center strings. This is not a perfect solution. If I wanted to use it without a tripod (they tie a screw with a rubber foot for the monopod center.


3 Series Aluminum Monopod with 3 Leg Locking Base combines classic design with modern design and adds mobility and stability to your monopod.
The 4-section aluminum tubes extend to a maximum height of 61 “and weigh only 2.1 lbs., But can support 39.7 lbs.
It features a mounting plate with a 1/4 “-20 and 3/8” -16 reversible threaded mount for connecting a video head directly to the camera.
The 3-leg locking base comes with a 3/8 “-16 female threaded foot for easy attachment to the monopod.
The 3-legged locking base comes with 3/8 “-16 female threaded feet that are easily attached to the monopod.

Pros & Cons

Great mobile bit of kit. Ideal for wedding video-graphy
This is Strong and stable.
Best Quality product on Amazon
it can fold and lock around the monopod for travel and fitting in the included carrying case. You can also remove them
Buy at reasonable Price
Great Video head!! (S6) very smooth and easy to operate (quick learning curve in my opinion)
Monopod leg is quality aluminum material and extends past my need ( 6 ft tall )
Extended height came in handy when recording in stands and people jump up in cheer ( recorded games standing )
Twist locks are great. Strong hold when locked in place.
3 Leg locking base is great for keeping a small footprint in limited spaces when recording or shooting photos
3 leg base would come loose from monopod mounting point due to rotating the actual monopod when bottom ball joint was under tension ( tightened up with some Teflon tape on the threads and seemed to remedy the issue.
The 3 feet on the base were a bit loose at the hinging pin. 1 foot was more loose than the others and would pop into the locked position if carried outside of bag ( i used a small rubber band to keep feet in place when in transit. Haven’t attempted to find a better solution yet.


Great little thing, been using this for over a year now with no problems. Pan is pleasantly smooth and leg locks are holding up fine. Obviously not top quality materials, but I have a feeling as with most things, if Keep looking after this little beauty it will last a long time. Happy costumer.

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