The Best of iPhone 7 plus camera lens of this year 2021

The Best of iPhone 7 plus camera lens of this year 2021

This iPhone 7 plus camera lens is amazing. It is easy to clip on to the front or back camera. You do have to adjust it to not get vignetting around the edge (a black blur) and also the lens is a little bigger than I expected. Over all it was great for group selfies and taking photos in a cramped space.

This item exceeded expectations with great build quality, excellent instructions and guides, wonderful presentation/packaging and it does what it says it does. Having a lot of fun taking Macro images with your iPhone 7 plus camera lens.

iPhone 7 plus camera lens this is used for take a quality picture.
iPhone 7 plus camera lens

Review About iPhone 7 plus camera lens

I am Coding Someone Reviews About iPhone 7 plus camera lens. He has a good experience to use buy this lens. Read Carefully his reviews. Just love how easy these lens are to use. Just clip on and away you go. The light is great too. I stuck the light in some blue tack, moved it around to get the best light on the subject.

I have a iPhone 7. The clip goes on easily over the camera Case. Comes in a sturdy zip up case. My favorite is the iPhone 7 plus camera lens but the wide angle does a good job too.

iPhone X Customer Reviews About iPhone 7 plus camera lens

I am an artist and I needed a Having a lot of fun taking Macro images with iPhone 7 plus camera lens that works on my iPhone X. I want to get very detailed images to be able to paint detail as a botanical illustrator. This is a 15x magnification and, while I’d like one that is even a higher magnification, this one takes great images that will work for me.

I highly recommend watching the instructional videos and don’t fail to see the part about dual camera phones, if you have an iPhone X or any phone with a dual camera. I almost missed it and that would have negated the whole process. The gentleman who does the videos is very friendly and gives the company a good face.

I think I like them. I have a great camera that is not on my phone, with a very nice wide angle lens, but this one makes it easy to snap those shots (just because) with this lens, that will hang around your neck on a lanyard and is easy to attach to your phone.

Characteristics of iPhone 7 plus camera lens


With all single Double Cameras, including All models of iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and Note, Google Pixel, Huawei and others.


Take stunning photos of people, pets, travel landscapes, landscapes, architecture, selfies and much more. NO DARK ANGLES (vignetting), like cheaper lenses.

Made of aviation aluminum and high quality optical glass for durability and transparency. Coated glass multi-lenses minimize side effects, reflections, glare and other artifacts.


VIEW YOUR FEELINGS. ENLARGE A NUMBER OF RECREATION SUBJECTS, SUPER PHOTOS: Capture all the subtleties and details with precise focus for clear macro photos every time.

For best results,

mount a macro lens approximately 1/2 inch from the subject. Not intended to be magnified on distant objects.) The TRUGRIP LENS CLIP offers SUPER SUPPORT POWER to attach your lenses to your mobile phone when you are in action mode. framing your next perfect shot.

Metal construction: the item is made of a metal frame, which adds to the additional quality feel and durability.
Price point: it’s incredibly difficult to find a reasonable price point for a lens specific to your phone without losing quality.
Travel friendly: The kit includes a sturdy lanyard, and awesome clip on light with different power settings that’s Rechargeable and a carrying case too if you were to put it in a carry-on or something. Both lenses have caps as well, which is a Huge plus in protection.
Instructional video: I’m a tech geek, so I’m the type of person to toss away the manuals or skip the vids, but I decided to watch the Xenvo ones b/c I’m not extremely familiar with these products. Glad I did b/c the vids actually provided great tips on care and also how to best utilize your lens.
NOT a fish-eye: Maybe not necessarily a “pro” comment, but personally, I find the fish-eye look a little campy when filming or shooting.
iPhone 7 plus camera lens is compatible with most cases, but I found that cases with a little more thickness on the top of the phone makes it a little hard to clip the lens on without getting a little bit of black clipping on the bottom.

My Compliment About iPhone 7 plus camera lens

Overall, I love this iPhone 7 plus camera lens and I look forward to checking out more products from this company. I’ve received numerous compliments on the item and the overall quality.


i phone 7 plus camera lens has a good quality. it has more features like HD Photo & HD Videos Results. it is very strong and Don’t Break out. it is compatible for all devices. i love iPhone 7 plus camera lens only for his compatibility for all devices.

Ailun, 3 in 1 Clip On 180 Degree, Fish Eye, iPhone Lens

About Product

High quality: The professional HD lens with advanced lanthanide optical glass gives you clear shots at all times, reducing glare and reflection. The high-quality aluminum construction increases the durability of the product and allows the lens kit to be your photography companion.

Easy-to-use clip-on lens: Detachable and portable clamps with soft rubber, protecting against bumps and scratches on your phones. Easy to install and remove, connect it to all major smartphones and tablets with a single lens rear camera.

Lens Angles: The Macro lens for taking extreme close-up photos of small objects in detail. The wide-angle lens projects a substantially large range, such as a group of people, buildings, and landscapes. Enjoy a fantastic world.

Package Contents: 180 Degree Fisheye Lens + 0.65X Wide Angle + 10X Macro Lens. Note: 1. Macro lens and wide angle lens come together on receipt. The wide lens should be used in conjunction with the macro lens. 2. The macro lens can be used separately, suggest keeping a distance of 1-2cm from your subject to take clearer pictures.

Fish Eye, iPhone Lens. best quality phone lens which help you to take quality pictures.
Ailun, 3 in 1 Clip On 180 Degree

Top Internationally Rated Reviews About This Product

Review by professor Johns:

I’ve used this a number of times now in ways I didn’t even expect. It can clip onto my webcam too so I can give a wider angle view when video chatting. Or use the macro lens and stream video of something super close up. Good quality and easy to use. Works on my Pixel 2 camera front and back as well.

Review by Richard:

Have to go five star, for the price, seems to be glass lenses. Works perfect for iPhone X, and my older Google phone, had to take the covers off to use. Just a BIG NOTE: The wide angle lens needs to be attached to the Micro lens. Somebody forgot to let the customer know….

Review by Kerion Peterson:

Got these because you can’t ever take a picture is something close with a cell phone. The micro lens helps the phone focus on the close up shots. Works really well for the price. easy to use, you literally just clip it on to your phone. you can use it on both back and front camera. good for funny pictures, gag gifts, or small present.

Review by William:

Photos are typically clear the majority of the time. Great quality, especially for the price! Satisfied. Though, I had a hard time figuring out that one of the lenses screws onto another to fit the clip.

Review by James:

This work really well. The wide lens will work great for large groups. Overall very impressed.


Focal length: A typical circular fisheye lens has a focal length of 8mm to 10mm, while the focal length of a full frame lens is 15mm to 16mm. Product Dimension is 6.3 x 0.98 x 3.74 inches & weight is 0.81 ounce

Viewing angle: The viewing angle of a fisheye lens is 180 ° at the widest point.

Image distortion: Images obtained from the fisheye lens have a distortion called barrel distortion where the center of the frame appears to bulge outward and the image obtained is known as a curvilinear image.

Depth of field: the depth of field of the fisheye lens is very large due to extreme angle.

Pros & Cons

Using the fisheye to creatively “bend” the subject is a pro of this fine lens. The clarity throughout remains intact. It creates a snow globe effect when used close-up.
By shooting with a fisheye lens, you can capture wide landscapes with a greater depth of field.
The image quality and sharpness throughout the image is a definite professional.
Getting closer to the ground will provide an interesting close-up on the image.
In the sunrise photos above you can see how the clouds curve, but the horizon is quite level. Makes a good effect with arched clouds.
In the photograph of the ship, the horizon is curved and the foreground is bubbly towards the viewer. While this may not be a desirable result, the photographer has to decide if that is the end result.


if you are a professional photographer or hobbyist, you will find the perfect fisheye lens to create stunning images. They are ideal for all kinds of images and videos, including close-ups and action shots, spacious interiors and of course panoramic landscapes. We’ve classified them for sharpness, speed, build quality, and low-light performance.

Phone Camera Lens for Android, Smartphone Video Lens, iPhone Lens Kit,

I think this product is great for someone getting into photography with a decent cellphone camera. I have the iPhone XR and in bought this camera to have something lightweight and easy to carry around with me all the time since I’ll always have my phone on me.

Photography is a hobby of mine and I have cameras ranging from instant cameras. i Researched on iPhone Lens kit. Then 9 lenses comes a wide range of focal distance good quality, field of view, or effects. The main iPhone lenses I sought after were the macro and wide iPhone lenses as I think they greatly increase the power of the current cellphone cameras.

iPhone Lens Kit best quality product. iPhone 7 plus camera lens
iPhone Lens Kit

iPhone Lens Kit, Specification


With KEYWING cell phone lenses, you get 0.36X and 0.63X wide angle lens, 20X and 15X macro lens, telephoto zoom lens, lens 198 ° fisheye lens, CPL filter lens, starburst lens and kaleidoscope lens.

This smartphone camera lens could meet all your needs. The clip on design and travel case is convenient to take on the go. Shoot every memorable moment for you.


The wide angle lens is the best thing that can happen to camera phones. Our 0.36X super wide angle lens. Screw the 0.36X super wide angle lens and 20X macro lens together, you could get a magnificent field of view. Travel landscapes, landscapes, architecture … With our edge-to-edge clarity lens, the world’s most unusual and impressive sight is stored in your pocket.


Our professional lens kit for iphone and andriod is a perfect friend to carry. No more SLR and heavy lenses, with the KEYWING ihone lens, you can get the same photos as SLR, no distortion, dark corner, reflections, lens flare and other artifacts. The travel case prevents all components of the lens kit from dust and scratches.

📷【【Customer Care Service 24/7】

To protect our customer rights, we offer a 24-month money back service. Any kind of after-sale problem would be solved within 24 hours, just contact us through

Customer Reviews About iPhone Lens Kit

First This review with 5 Stars

This Review is taken from amazon “I purchase these lens as a gift for my nephew and he totally loves them. They are easy to install and produce very satisfying picture quality, with all kinds of interesting effects. This is definitely the go for set for those who like taking pictures with phones”

Second Review with 5 Stars

This 9 in 1 Phone optical lens Kit is awesome. The lenses come neatly packed in their own black case with a carabiner to connect to you belt loop or backpack.It are really cool. They are tiny and phone lens are easy to put in.

I love using the 20X Macro Wide angle lens to urge tons more of the background within the photo.It has completely enhanced all my photography . and therefore the Fish Eye lens works well,I love using it. It also brings all selfie taking to an entire new level.Super proud of this lens kit.

3rd Review With 5 Stars

This lens kit was a gift for a family member, who is interested in photography. He loved the different camera lens that came with the kit, especially the fish eye one. There is a wide variety of different lens to try out and it clips easily to the iPhone.

4th Review With 5 Stars

These lenses are fantastic!! I even have an iPhone XS Max which features a very decent camera, but falls short when taking macro shots. These lenses are very easy to use, they attach smoothly and without scratching the phone or slump and therefore the resulting images are pretty stunning. a reasonable must-have for all enthusiasts who use their phones for photography, 100% recommended.

5th Review With 5 Stars

The phone lens kit with 9 in 1 was received, it was really great!
The use of phone lens is also very simple. Easy to clip the lens onto the phone.

I am happy with the purchase and I can take pictures with different effects.The macro lens is my favorite one. I’ve always been disappointed by my smart phone when trying to get a real close up shot of something.

All in all a nice product for the price, and adds some fun functionality to my phone camera. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for an inexpensive way to add effects to their photos.

Pros and Cons

The phone lens are small and compact, the picture quality is great!
Good budget lenses for a cellphone.
the lenses are easy to use
9 High Quality Lenses will be given to you
Packaging is very good and the quality of the product is very good considering the cost.
The lenses come in a nice, sturdy zip up compartment which comes with all the lenses, cloth, you can use to hook it on a bag, etc.
The iPhone lens does suffer from soft corners.


The lenses are good quality, so they will not degrade the picture quality. The lens clip is very strong and secure, and easier to position than any of the others I have tried. I had a small issue with one of the lens, but the customer service from the seller was amazing, one of the best on amazon. I recommend this kit, and highly recommend this seller.

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