Mary kay eye makeup remover Miracle for soft skin in 2021

Mary kay eye makeup remover Miracle for soft skin in 2021

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Mary kay eye makeup remover works great as well as you actually feels likes good after to use it. It works so much better than the cheap brands you can buy at a supermarket Store.

Not cheap, but totally worth paying extra for something that actually works. The cheap products leave you with mascara still on your lashes, otherwise you need to literally scrub which isn’t good for the fragile eye area.

Just use it with warm water and a washcloth to remove. This is an honest tip with any Mary kay eye makeup remover. The trick is to keep it on for at least a good 10 seconds before gently rubbing it back and forth (especially for mascara) to get it off.

It does not irritate the eye which is amazing and does not feel harsh to skin at all. What I liked was the convenience of removing eye makeup. It comes off with one wipe.

you can saturate a cotton ball and hold it against on your closed eyelid for a few seconds and then wipe away. After do this your eyelid feels soft and moist, never greasy. I was looking for an oil-free Mary kay eye makeup remover after getting eye lash extensions.

Mary kay eye makeup remover Miracle for soft skin eurasiamark
Mary kay eye makeup remover Miracle for soft skin eurasiamark

Mary kay eye makeup remover Specification

Eye Makeup remover Consists on water proof mascara as well as it has some specifications which i mentioned below.

Eye Care Non-comedogenic
Suitable for sensitive skin Ophthalmologist-tested
Clinically tested for skin irritation and allergy Suitable for contact lens wearers
Fragrance free  

Mary kay Eye Makeup Remover Reviews

1: Wow! It’s truly a fantastic product. I am a girly, full makeup wearer of many years. I’ve tried all different removers – department store, drug store, etc. Every one I tried I would only try once. They are smelly, oily, irritating and ineffective.

2: The first time I used this one, I put a few drops onto a cotton ball, and carefully swabbed my eyelid. Almost everything came off. Eye shadow, eyebrow powder, and liner. 

Some of the liner close to the lash line was still there, so I folded the cotton ball and swabbed as close to the lashes as possible. All gone. And no smell. No stinging. And no oiliness.

3: I did the other eye, then my whole face. It does leave a little residue, so I rinsed with tepid water. Didn’t need to wash with soap after using the remover, which is what I had to do with all the other brands I tried.

Why Choose This Brand?

1: There was absolutely no irritation to my sensitive eyes. My skin felt soft and not dried up. Using so many different makeup and skincare products, when I find one that’s as effective and good as this.

2: Never a problem with this brand! Others leave a residue on my eyes which is bad for my contacts. Really, truly removed makeup without stinging. No strong odor either. It is the Awesome Mary kay eye makeup remover.

I’ve ever used. Removes shadow and mascara with a few swipes. It Feels like moisturizer on my eyes when I done. Wish they made it in travel friendly disposable pads.

3: This eye make up remover is great. It does what it says it will do…it takes off all of my waterproof Eye make up but his gentle enough and does not irritate my eyes. I have been looking for an eye make up remover or forever and I finally found it and i also find another brand that is like This.

I will definitely be purchased this again. Been using this for over 15 years. Hands down the best eye makeup remover. Removes waterproof mascara without a fight. Doesn’t break my eye are out. Can’t live without this.


I’m unsure if my mascara is waterproof or not , but on the Mary Kay product is specifically to removes waterproof mascara. I absolutely LOVE this eye makeup remover! It is the best I have ever used! I highly recommend it! Click Here

I was looking for something that would not irritate the skin around my eyes, and Mary kay eye makeup remover is it! It is wonderful and it takes the makeup right off!!.

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