The Most Beautiful Color of lipstick ever in All time 2021

The Most Beautiful Color of lipstick ever in All time 2021

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This most beautiful color of lipstick is very pigmented as well as your look will be awesome if you Use it. However, it looks really pretty on your lips when you apply a little and blend it. It’s like you was born with this beautiful lip color. The satin texture is really nice and it last to some extent. overall look nice and sweet on the face doesn’t feel heavy or any discomfort on the lip after putting on.

lipstick is very moisturizing. The upper lips are not dry Saturated, creamy, long-lasting (and leaves a pretty stain). Musings makes all your lipstick dreams come true; Estee Lauder, please add to your permanent collection! This is such amazing lipstick! If you are looking for stain this is not up your alley but it IS long wearing! It’s smooth and pretty and doesn’t feather. So, it is Most Beautiful color of lipstick is rich and hydrating, won’t dry out your lips in fact I find the opposite.

The Most Beautiful Color of lipstick
The Most Beautiful Color of lipstick

Most beautiful color of lipstick pure color envy sculpting specification

i Think How is the most beautiful color of lipstick: Saturate lips with lustrous color? Sculpt your lips with light.Discover the facility to make a replacement look of lip-shaping volume and definition.The lipstick bullet is formed to sculpt the curves of your lips. The case seems like luxury in your hands. And with one click, case closed.

  • Sculpts: Multi-faceted pigments create definition. Lips look Most beautiful colour of lipstick , sculpted, curvaceous.
  • Hydrates: Moisture Complex helps capture and infuse hydration. Lips feel moisturized.
  • Intensifies: Saturates lips with high-intensity and Most beautiful colour of lipstick color-in one stroke. Lip-sculpting statement shades for all skin tones.

We are Coding Few Customer reviews about Most beautiful color of lipstick

First Review

This lipstick Stays and does not bleed and is a Most beautiful colour of lipstick . The holder is lightweight and perfect for you purse or travel. It was a great price.Great pigment, lasting color, smooth, and is not sticky. Perfect!I absolutely love this lipstick! Not only is it my favorite shade but it’s soft & creamy feel .



One of the most beautiful color of lipstick that i have used. The color is so beautiful. It smells like chocolate. This is the perfect amount of shimmer and feels like heaven on. It’s my birthday gift ,and I like it. The color is wonderful ,it makes me look young.

Second review

I love everything about this lipstick! I’m thrilled that I can buy it online as it doesn’t seem to be available at my local dept stores. Very creamy, easily apply, no stickiness, love this, just wrong color for me, great staying power, smithed wrinkles I bought this few weeks ago and I really love it.

I bought the Almond color and with whatever I put it on I feel more luxurious and it gives my outfits an expensive looking. I love this product. It doesn’t make my lip dry and stays long. Absolutely love it. I wear it as a lipstick. It stays on well and looks luscious

Third review

This is Most beautiful colour of lipstick. Rebellious is the perfect “everyday color”— one step up from a neutral. The Tumultuous Pink is a lovely fuchsia, leaning almost towards a watermelon pink. I wear them all day and my lips aren’t dry by the time I get home at night. I’ll definitely be shopping additional shades for autumn/winter.


Apply less for not so intense or more for darker. I dotted a little on lips, blended with lip brush for the perfect color and topped with a neutral gloss. Love it! Love this lipstick nice and creamy with good staying power I have many shades and only use Estee Lauder lipstick worth the price.

Fourth review

I get so many compliments on the Most beautiful colour of lipstick . Mostly People always use Estee Lauder and have never been disappointed. Therefore, I also create my own by putting down a base a color and then using this gloss to top it off.


Lets Myself just order a replacement and love the applicator in the full-size version. The gloss is lovely, not sticky and I use it with the lip liner which gives a nice definition. So i would recommend to a friend.


I was at my rope’s end, trying to find a lipstick that didn’t feel like an artificial covering and drying, while at the same time, giving my face some much-needed color. I’m fair with dark hair. For this lipstick, you deserve the quality certificate! Double that up with moisture and the ‘staying power’ it has, and, I’m one satisfied customer.



Finishing it all off, was you, mailing out a free sample that missed its first mailing. Postage isn’t free, but, there you were, mailing out, a sample that my first package failed to include. You cinched it with your customer service. Yes, I would recommend you to all of my friends.

Most beautiful color of lipstick Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick Irresistible

The product comes in a Most beautiful color of lipstick with a royal blue cap and a gold, metal, twist case. This hat has a brand name and again, it all adds to the beauty of the lipstick. The Most beautiful color of lipstick is a light gray shade, not too dark, but it is delicate and it looks very natural. 


If used, it does not look light on the face and goes well with dark, smoky eyes. Even for a person with a clear skin tone, this shade can be applied in the same way or paired with other make-up – depending on personal preference

The product is cream. Although, I personally prefer to remove the blur, but in this case, I can be an exception because the finish of this product is very Most beautiful colour l and it does not look deep nor in an unpleasant way on my face. Stands up

Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy
Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy

Most beautiful color of lipstick Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick Irresistible Specification

Product Description:
  • Do Colour your lips, your shape, the power to change your attitude With Most beautiful colour of lipstick.
  • Sculptures: Multifaceted oils create definition. The lips look beautifully shaped, sculpted, curved.
  • Hydrate: Time release moisture helps in complex grip and hydration in the cell. The lips feel constantly moist throughout the day.
  • Accelerates: In a jiffy, satiates the lips with the color of height. Lip scalping statement shade for all skin tones. Super creamy, glides easily, covers evenly. Slowly soft and smooth, comfortable. Wear for 6 hours.
  • The lipstick pill is designed to shape the curves of your lips. Has been created. The case feels like a luxury in your hands. And with one click, the case is closed
We are Coding Few Review About Most beautiful color of lipstick Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick Irresistible
  • It glides on to give you a gorgeous Most beautiful colour of lipstick, look, and feel. It may cost a bit more, but it’s worth it.This is the best lipstick I’ve found so far.It still rubs off gradually in a few hours but it’s not as noticeable as other lipsticks/lip stains. Lovely color. Good for day or night.This lipstick comes in a light weight case that is much easier to carry in your purse then the heavy traditional one–the price is much better too–same as the more expensive lipstick just a less expensive case–case works well no problems.
  • The Most beautiful colour of lipstick:subtle yet adds a lovely touch which goes with everything. It’s very moist and feels silky.I wish it lasted a little longer, though,I’ve bought three already!Have enjoyed this shade for years. Take note: case is now mostly plastic not metal.
  • I absolutely love this lipstick. It is my favorite I have found so far. The color is super flattering, it goes on smooth, and it lasts a long time. I got this product for free as a promotion, and I have been using it religiously ever since!
  • Smooth and Creamy! Stays on almost all day long, works well during the day into evening. Will definitely buy again! Highly recommended!!!Estee Lauder’s lipstick is very good in color and texture. I like it very much.The color is super beautiful! Go up chrome, moist degree very good, besmear is little fairy!I absolutely love this lipstick… the shade is just like it’s pictured and it lasts a long time.This is one of my favorite lipstick! Color is so fashionable, rich and natural too! Formula.


Got this during a GWP at a local store. I bought Unattainable, a gorgeous dark pink, and it is wonderful! I am fair with blonde highlighted hair and hazel eyes, and it’s striking without overdoing it. The color is heavily pigmented and goes on creamy for a matte finish. Non drying and longer lasting than most lipsticks I’ve tried. Will purchase again. Wish Lauder would put the Irresistible shade or a similar pinky beige in this formula. Thanks Lauder!

The price of this lipstick is absolutely worth it! I got the No Restraint color and it’s beautiful. Subtle yet noticeable at the same time. The matte finish is great and stays on literally for 4-6 hours even when I’m eating or drinking something. You don’t have to use near as much of this lipstick as you would cheaper brands and I think that’s what makes it worth the extra money. Will definitely purchase again! Highly recommend

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